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So today I went to the Radio 1 teen awards and it was fucking AMAZING.

Well first off I finally got to see Ariana perform live and she was INCREDIBLE. Her vocals are even better live than in videos, let me tell you that. She was so beautiful and cute and just all around perfect, I love her so much. Even though my seats weren’t great and she only sung 3 songs, I’m still beyond grateful that I saw her and now I have her tour to look forward to. The shows itself was just all around awesome. Rixton, Labyrinth and the Vamps were all SO GOOD live, such amazing performers who really kept the crowd pumped. They showed the stories of 4 inspirational teens and then gave them awards and video messages from their idols, which made me cry. It was truly moving. I got to see sexy Tom Daley and Nick Jonas receive awards hehe. And in between songs the hosts and presenters were so funny and energetic. it was an all around incredible afternoon and it allowed me to feel young again, and just lose myself in the moment for 3 hours. Thank you so much Radio 1 for this wonderful experience :)

I’ve tried to get tickets in 2011, 12 and 13 and failed every year, but the wait was so worth it :D

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omg so i finally saw ariana perform live today and her voice is even more flawless in person, i can’t even deal

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I’m extremely disgusted by this Justin bodyguard/entourage situation. I read about it hours ago but was too heated and needed time to calm down so here’s my opinion on this situation:

Well first things first, no man should EVER tell a woman that she’s not pretty enough, how misogynistic and degrading,  I can’t believe that anyone would actually have the audacity to say that to a girl? Make her feel like shit because of her appearance? SERIOUSLY? Even though Justin wasn’t there and the girls were for his friends, he’s still probably witnessed this kind of degrading behaviour multiple times in the past which is why i’m upset, he could tell them to stop it yet he allows it.

It’s just so sad to see somebody who has the talent and potential to go so far single handedly ruin himself by hanging out with these people. They are blatantly using him and bring out the worst in him. He acts like a completely different fucking person around Ryan or Selena or Scooter, that says it all. When they’re around he turns into this gangsta wannabe douchebag manwhore who doesn’t respect anyone. He was doing well ever since Cannes, but whenever he gets close with Khalil and Twist and the rest of them again, all of those positive changes disappear and he goes back to his old ways. 

BUT, Justin has the power to change things. EVERYONE except him can see how awful his friends are, yet after nearly 2 years he still keeps them around, which I will never understand. If he dropped them and focused on his career again, rather than on clubbing and sleeping around and appearing tough to impress them, he could get back on track. It’s so infuriating. I love him so much but I can’t bear watching him ruin himself more and more everyday because he’s too fucking oblivious to see that the biggest problems in his life are right next to him.

I’ve been a fan of this boy since pretty much the start of his career, and the person who he became when these leeches came into his life is not who he is deep down.

(side note: I’m glad that it was Kingsley who told us though. I’ve been watching his videos for years and he’s the most fucking real person out there. He has no reasons to lie, he’s a fan of Justin for crying out loud, and it was refreshing to hear a story like this from an eyewitness account who can actually clarify misconceptions about the situation, rather than some shady gossip site.) connorfranta
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