I’m so romantically frustrated. Like I just want someone to lay in bed with me and play with hair and kiss me and maybe touch me inappropriately because I’m also sexually frustrated.

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I just can’t take jelena seriously knowing that he was making out with a playboy model and all over chantel, Yovanna, Ashley and god knows who else last month. Whilst Selena was preaching about being independent and not needing no man

Can they just make up their fucking minds and get back together for more than 2 WEEKS or move on for good pls. It’s annoying as fuck. And the fact that justin isn’t releasing anything so we have nothing else to focus on doesn’t exactly help either

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Justin’s chill has flown straight out of the window tonight

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Lol this is cute but he’ll delete it in 5 minutes 😂


“youre always on your computer” well ur always on my nerves

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Idk I just want to make someone moan

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